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Accessing to a full article through ResearchGate via “full-text-request”

This is no doubt a good cause for humanity that information is being disseminated without paying an extra buck.

ResearchGate (RG) is a good platform to gain an open-access to a non-open access publication. Wondering, what this open and closed access stuff is, right? Simply to put, an open access article is free to read, where authors are supposed to pay to the publishers to get their materials published. On the other hand, a closed access or not-open access material is a paid content for readers and authors are free to get their materials published.

So, why RG is great?

In ResearchGate, authors create their profiles and put their published works on display. Not all the published works fall in the open-access category. Therefore, when someone feels interested to read a full version of a paper which is not open-access, they ask for a “full-text request” via messaging to the author of the paper. If the author grants permission to the full paper, the reader feels blissful. That way, the reader thanks RG for the mercy of not paying a dime to read a non-open access material.

What’s the problem now?

To stay afloat in business, the publishers get in trouble. Why? Because, in this scenario of published material exchange without a single dime going in the publisher’s pocket, they go broke. These days, publishers are raising their voices as their businesses are getting hurt.

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