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The height of hullabaloo was noticed when one AI-based Robot writer wrote a weird article, claiming that their news outlet was changing their slogan as "Hubris Humiliates in Hypocrisy". Who knows what that means, anyway! Are you an author or writer? Are you seeing too many ads like these (AI Writer - Better content in less time! , Article Forge - The Smartest Automatic Article Writer Ever , The Official Homepage of Ai Writer ) or reading news headlines or blogs like these ( When robots write the editorials, all will benefit , A.I. May Have Written This Article. But Is That Such a Bad Thing? , Using AI to Write Articles and Research Papers ) and freaking out? We are all in the same boat! Did you just press the panic mode on? Gotcha! The only thing we can say right now is "just calm down". We can sing "Kum ba yah" together.

robot vs. human

Does anybody care how our lives are grossly burlesqued by the robots?

Let's not follow the template


Article Writers Wanted! All forms of intelligence are welcome (artificial and natural).

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