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Journal Publication vs Blogging

Does anybody remember "Storm" or "Playbook"? What are you holding now anyway? Yes, we are talking about phone here. The term "phone" is constant (after it was first coined) but ''tele" phone, "smart" phone, "android" phone, "i" phone....they are not rendered with the same meaning. Using a phone to talk, using a phone to text, using a phone to take picture and other usage of phone were not possible when the first phone was invented.

Academic journal publication is the centuries-old practice. Suddenly blogging came along. Now there is a fight for survival.

Here is the another way to look at this problem. Old academicians and young scholars are also fighting on this topic. The number of school and college graduates were less when the concept of academic journal publication started. Now the bloggers are more educated (not all the bloggers for sure). It's still not clear how single-blind or double-blind peer review process works in journal publication. Millennial researchers or professors are considering blogging platform is better in terms of "Peer Review" process.

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